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Sports and Youth Development

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Samantha Djoanna Vianney B. Javier


Duties & Responsibilities of the Chairperson of the Sangguniang Kabataan


The Sangguniang Kabataan is in charge of the youth, specifically ages 18 to 30 years old, of those who live within our barangay. I am the head of SK and I have a team of Kagawads who help out in creating projects for the different wants and needs of our constituents. Some projects include Fitness & Sports Activities, Concerts & Games, Linggo Ng Kabataan, Scholarships & Education Programs, Disaster Risk Reduction Programs, Environment Conservation & Awareness Activities and a number of other celebrations and activities that are aligned with our goals as the SK Council. 

  • promulgate resolutions needed to carry out objectives of the youth in the Barangay

  • initiate programs to enhance the social, political, economic, cultural, intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical development of the youth

  • consult and coordinate with other youth organizations in the Barangay and LGUs for proper policy formation and program implementation

Anna Michaela L. Abello


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Ma. Corazon B. San Mateo

Tel: 88954011 local 115

EJ Lorilla

Tel: 88954011 local 115


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