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Salcedo Village


Milagros S. Alora


“ Looking at the bright side of the pandemic,  was that I met some  interesting people who unselfishly shared their talents and resources in overcoming the many challenges here in the Salcedo Village and Malugay communities.” (Dec. 24,2020)

  • Instituted and implemented the orderly distribution of the Enhanced Community Quarantine Passes for condo dwellers and business establishments at the start of lockdown last March 2020

  • Coordinated with the Makati Commercial Estates Association, Inc.(MACEA) the formation of ten clusters  (composed of property managers and building administrators within Salcedo Village) for faster dissemination of information of Barangay advisories especially those that have to do with the proper observance of needed protocols to safeguard the well-being of both communities. An additional cluster was formed for the Malugay residents. Regular zoom meetings were held  and still being done for briefings  on the latest Barangay activities.

  • Worked hand in hand with serviced apartments as regards the proper observation of the rules on quarantine of returning Overseas Filipino Workers many of whom were destitute due to the their sudden repatriation  due to the pandemic. Last 2020, Salcedo Village hosted a total of 7,436 OFWs.  The Barangay, some private corporations and many residents donated food, clothes and toys for kids who came back with their parents.

  • Initiated the installation of Eazy Trip and Autosweep RFIDs last September 2020 for the whole barangay to make it easier to transit to cashless payments in the North and South expressways and connecting highways as mandated by the national government.

  • Started zoom meetings with residents on various subjects of great significance and assistance in the residents’  lives especially those suffering from depression and alienation brought about by the disruptions in their daily routine.

  • For the peace and order situation in the village, there were and still are constant consultations and formulation of action plans  with the Philippine National Police (PNP), MACEA and the Makati Parking Authority (MAPA).There was the holding of a two day seminar called “Bayanihan sa Barangay” on law enforcement last November, 2020  with the Tanod Bayan ng Barangay learning from said agencies. Project goal was to foster cooperation among the different stakeholders  in seeing to it that  correct measures are implemented in safeguarding the welfare of Salcedo Vilage and Malugay denizens.


Ma. Bella R. Oposa


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Dennis Ragadio  


Tel: 88954011 local 311

Bien C. Tagalogon


Tel: 88954011 local 125


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